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New Skate Buying Guide

Mystique's rental skates are a wonderful option for beginner skaters, but when you feel it's time for an upgrade, here are some helpful skate-buying tips

First Step:
Before you go and buy a pair of skates, consult with Coach Rebecca or your skater's coach. They will have tons of helpful advice and help you buy skates. Make sure to also always tell them if your skater is in a new pair of skates. 

What to look for:
Strong, supported ankles. If you can bend over the side of the skate with your hand, it is too flimsy and will prevent your skater from doing his or her best. Look for a stiff boot with some cushioning inside

What to avoid:
Skates that have adjustable straps or that are designed to “grow with your child”

How skates should fit:
Toes should wiggle but not be able to slide around. There are wonderful videos tips on the Rainbo Sports website

Where to buy new skates:
Unfortunately, Dubuque does not have a professional skate shop. If you are confident about sizing, you can order online through a variety of retailers. The best option is to be fitted by a professional. The nearest option is Rainbo Sports in Chicago (800-752-8370). Rainbo also sometimes visits surrounding cities such as the Quad Cities for a few days, so you can ask if they have any upcoming events near Dubuque

How to care for new skates:
Wipe off the blades after each use. A good investment is a pair of “soakers,” which are cloth covers for the blades. These are not meant to walk around in – rubber guards
are recommended for that – but for keeping the blade dry and protected when not in use

A good beginner skate will run $70 to $150 new. If it costs considerably less than that, it could make skating more difficult for your child than rental skates would. If it costs considerably more, you are probably buying too advanced of a skate and would be risking injury

Buying used:
There are a lot of opportunities to buy quality skates online at a used rate. Kids grow so fast that you often can get a practically-new pair at a fraction of the cost. As always with used online purchases, however, buyer beware on these deals

Suggested brands and models for Basic 1-6:
Jackson Artiste
Jackson Classique
Jackson Mystique
Riedell 33 TS
Riedell 121 RS
Riedell 15 RS
Riedell 10 RS
GAM Fantasia
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